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Custom domains and branding for Substack

  • Use your own domain
  • Choose fonts, colors and backgrounds
Distinguish example site

Use your own domain name

Replace mypage.substack.com with a domain of your choosing and retain your brand.

Example of a Substack site with a custom domain

Choose from over 100 different fonts to present your writing

We pick the best free Google fonts so that you can change both headings and body text to match your personal style.

Poster of various Google fonts

Choose your color palette

Change backgrounds and font colors in line with your brand as a publisher.

Example of a different colours on a Substack site


Try free for 7 days, then:

$10 / month + $2 / 1000 unique pageviews*

Unique pageviews are calculated on a per IP address basis (this data is encrypted to comply with GDPR).